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Title: How do I share videos Using Flip Channel?

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Flip Channel is a quick and easy way to share videos, movies, and snapshots online.  Your private Flip Channel, My Flip Channel can be used to securely access your personal content online.

NOTE:  If the images you see below are different from your current FlipShare software, click here.

If you are using FlipShare 5.8, you may get a prompt to upgrade to FlipShare 5.10 when you click a Flip Channel.  If you choose not to upgrade, you will not be able to view or share media items to your existing Flip Channels.

Follow these steps to share videos via Flip Channel:

Step 1:
Click on the Flip Channel tab at the bottom of the main FlipShare screen.

NOTE:  In the latest version of FlipShare, the Flip Channels has been redesigned and improved as the SHARING feature.  To know more about the SHARING feature, click here.  You can also share via email and greeting cards.  To know how to share via email, click here.  For greeting cards, click here.

Step 2:
Beside the To: button, there is a field where you can list the email addresses of the people you want to include in the Flip Channel.  Enter in the email address(es), or click the To: button and select from your FlipShare address book.

Step 3:
Choose a name for your Flip Channel.  If you have already set up your email information using My Flip Channel, Share by Email or Share by Greeting Card, that information will be pre-populated in this window.

NOTE:  The Flip Channel name should be something that will help you remember who will receive the contents of the channel.  For example, you can name one channel "parents", another "poker partners", and a third "Bob", depending upon the recipients.

NOTE:  In the latest version of FlipShare, the recipients of a Flip Channel become a contact group with the channel as the group name. 

Step 4:
On the right panel of the Share by Flip Channel window, there is an area to add the files you want to share.  You can add files by dragging them from the Workspace into the panel, or dragging files onto the channel name in the Navigation Pane.


Step 5:
Fill in the required information and select all the files you want to share.  Then, click the   button.  The channel will then be created in the Flip Channels section of the Navigation Pane

NOTE:  In the latest version of FlipShare, the Flip Channels sent will be restored in your local library labeled as “Archive: Sent Flip Channel”.

Step 6:
The progress of the upload is indicated on the Progress Box at the bottom left corner of the FlipShare window.  Once the upload is complete, the “FlipShare is Working” dialogue box will disappear and your designated recipients will receive an email notifying them that you have shared new content.

NOTE:  When recipients click on the link in their notification email, they will be able to access and view your shared content online.  Users, which account you have added online, will be able to view permanently all the videos saved in your account.


• Videos shared via Flip Channel are limited to a file size of 450 MB per clip (up to about 30-40 minutes of video).
• The total number of clips per user account has a maximum limit of 1000 videos.
• The total number of frames per user account has a maximum limit of 500 to prevent spamming.
• The total number of recipients per user account has a maximum limit of 500 to prevent spamming.
• Videos and Snapshots can be viewed up to 90 days after sharing.

It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of FlipShare.  For instructions, click here.