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Title: What should I do if the Flip video battery pack is not charging?

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The Flip Video Battery Pack lets you keep your Flip UltraHD video camera powered and ready to shoot videos anytime, anywhere.  It can be charged through a computer’s high-powered USB 2.0 port or by using the Flip Power Adapter.

NOTE:  The Flip UltraHD 2hrs and Flip UltraHD II 1hr video cameras are compatible with the rechargeable AA-type Flip Video Battery Pack (NiMH) while the Flip UltraHD III (with FlipPORT) is shipped with a rechargeable AAA-type Flip Video Battery Pack (Lithium-ion).  For detailed information about the Flip Ultra battery packs, click  here.

When charging the battery pack, you may encounter charging difficulties.  There are several possible reasons why your Flip Video Battery Pack is not charging properly:

•  The computer does not have a USB 2.0 port which is required by the battery pack to charge.

NOTE:  For instructions on how to verify if your computer is equipped with USB 2.0 ports, click here for Windows or for Mac, click here.

•  The battery pack might not be positioned properly in the battery compartment.

•  The metal contacts inside the battery compartment may be bent or out of alignment and are not making proper electrical connection to the battery.

•  There might be a need to reset the video camera.  To learn how to reset the Flip Ultra video camera, click  here.

•  Charging your video camera when the battery is extremely low on power activates the Trickle Charge mode.  It may take 30 minutes before you could see any indication that the battery is charging.  It takes about six (6) hours to complete one (1) charge cycle if you plug the video camera into the USB port of your computer.

For a general workaround to resolve the problem, perform the following steps:

Step 1:
With the video camera powered OFF, remove the battery pack.  For instructions on how to remove the battery pack, click

NOTE:  The Flip Power Adapter ONLY works with the Flip UltraHD Battery Pack.  If you’re using rechargeable AA batteries for the video camera, a separate battery charger would be needed.

Step 2:
With the battery pack removed, connect your video camera to a high-powered USB 2.0 port on your computer.  To verify if your Windows computer is equipped with USB 2.0 ports, click here.  For Mac computers, click here.

QUICK TIP:  Do not reattach the battery compartment cover.


Step 3:

When the Connected indicator appears on your video camera’s LCD screen, re-insert the battery pack.

Step 4:
Eject your video camera by clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon on your taskbar or use the FlipShare software’s Eject Camera button before physically disconnecting the device from the computer.  For instructions on how to safely eject your video camera, click here.

Step 5:
You may now reconnect the Flip video camera to your computer.


NOTE:  The Flip video camera should start charging.  After plugging your video camera into the computer, wait for a while until you can see the battery icon with a lightning bolt symbol on your LCD screen.

If the issue is still not resolved after performing these troubleshooting steps, there might be a need to reset the Flip Ultra video camera.  To reset the Flip Ultra, leave the video camera powered OFF with the batteries removed for 60 seconds.  Re-insert the battery and power the video camera ON.

Running FlipShare while charging your video camera on your computer may prolong the charging process.  To minimize the charge time, close FlipShare while charging the video camera.

NOTE:  If your video camera is still not charging, check the battery pack if it is installed properly.  Check the metal contacts for damage or dirt.  You can also try plugging your video camera into a different USB 2.0 port.  If the video camera is still not charging, you might have a defective battery pack.  You may contact the Flip Video Support team for further assistance.

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