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Title: What should I do if my video camera is not being recognized by the computer?

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When you connect your Flip video camera to the USB port of your computer and it is having difficulty recognizing the device, or even if it does but you find the connection intermittent, then there must be some issues with either the computer or the video camera.  This usually happens if you can’t find the FLIPVIDEO icon on your computer or the video camera tab in the Navigation Pane of your FlipShare.

This issue is indicated by the following:

To resolve this concern, try the following:

• Ensure that you have inserted your video camera into a high-powered USB 2.0 port on your computer, as it needs enough power in order to run in its connected mode.

NOTE:  Some USB ports are low-powered or are not powered at all.  For instance, the USB ports in a Macintosh keyboard are not high-powered. To find out if your Mac computer and keyboards have high-powered USB ports, click here.  To find out if your Windows computer has high-powered USB ports, click here.

• Ensure that your video camera is turned OFF before connecting it to your computer.

NOTE:  After inserting the video camera's USB arm into the USB port on your computer, it will make a small beep and the word Connected will be displayed on the video camera’s screen to indicate that it is connected properly.


• Ensure that your firewall software or antivirus is temporarily disabled so your computer will recognize the Flip video camera.

• Ensure that you are logged-in as an administrator on your computer for the Flip video camera to be detected by the computer.

NOTE:  Usage of certain applications or software is usually blocked if you do not have administrative rights on a computer.

If your video camera does not work with other USB ports, check if other USB devices work with your computer.  Try connecting a different device, such as an iPod or a standard digital camera, to any of your USB ports.  If other devices work with your USB ports but your video camera still does not work, you may be experiencing a problem with your Flip video camera. Should this be the case, contact Flip Video Support.

NOTE:  If you are having difficulty plugging in the video camera to your computer, don’t force the video camera to your computer’s USB port to avoid damaging the USB arm. You may need to contact Flip Video Support to assist you with this issue.