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Title: How do I recharge the battery of the Flip SlideHD?

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This article will show you how to recharge the battery of your Flip SlideHD

NOTE:  Make sure your computer is powered ON and not set to Standby, Sleep or Hibernate mode for your Flip video camera to charge.  To learn how to configure the standby or hibernate mode, click here.  

If you are charging the batteries of your Flip SlideHD, you should see a battery with a blinking lightning bolt symbol on the video camera's LCD screen.

NOTE:  The red record light is flashing during normal charge mode.

NOTE:  When you plug in your video camera, you may find its LCD screen facing down.  This is normal since some USB ports are designed to be positioned inversely.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to charge the Flip SlideHD:

Step 1:
Slide down the USB latch.

Step 2:
Plug the USB arm to a high-powered USB port on the computer.  To find out whether your computer has a high-powered USB port, click here.  To learn more about low powered/not charging issue with Mac computers, click here.

Step 3:
The LCD screen on the Flip video camera will automatically display the charging status.

 Indicates charging is in progress.
 Indicates the battery is fully charged.

If the battery power is completely drained, the battery icon on the LCD screen will not appear but the red record light at the front panel of your video camera should start flashing.  This indicates that the battery is in the trickle charge mode and it doesn’t have enough power to turn the video camera ON for it to perform the normal charging mode.  Normal charge mode will resume after 30-60 minutes.

If the battery power is NOT completely drained but almost empty, the LCD screen will display Connected and the USB symbol will appear.  It will then switch to a screen showing the battery indicator with the blinking lightning bolt symbol which means that it is charging normally.  The recording light should also be in solid red indicating that the video camera is charging normally.  If you are having problems with charging your camera, you may try to reset the video camera.  For instructions on resetting your Flip SlideHD camera, click here.

NOTE:  Recharging the battery will take approximately four hours when directly connected to the computer and two hours using the Flip Power Adapter.  Charging your Flip video camera while the FlipShare software is running will prolong the charging process.  Close the software to minimize charging time. 

If you need further assistance regarding this issue, you may contact Flip Video Support.


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