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Title: How do I view videos from my Flip video camera on my TV?

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This article will guide you on how to view videos directly on your TV.

NOTE:  You can refer to the table below to find out which connector is compatible with your Flip video camera.

Video camera model Compatible connector
 Mino 1hr  Composite (cable included)
 MinoHD 1hr  Composite (cable included)
 MinoHD 2hr  HDMI-C mini
 MinoHD II 2hr  HDMI-C mini
 MinoHD III 1hr and 2hr  HDMI-C mini
 Ultra and Ultra II  Composite (cable included)
 UltraHD 1hr  HDMI-C mini
 UltraHD II 1hr  HDMI-C mini
 UltraHD III (with FlipPORT) 2hr  HDMI-D micro
 SlideHD 4 hr  HDMI-C mini

How to watch videos on your TV and HDTV

Step 1:
Turn OFF both your TV and video camera.

Step 1:
Set up your TV.  For instructions, follow these steps:

For Regular TV:

Step 1:
Insert the Stereo Plug of the A/V cable to the Flip video camera.

Step 2:
Connect the 3 A/V cables to the corresponding video (yellow) and audio (white and red) colored input jacks on your TV.

NOTE:  These input jacks are either found on the front or back panel of your TV sets.


Step 1:
Plug in the HDMI-C cable to the HDMI port of your Flip video camera.

Step 2:
Connect the HDMI-A cable to your HDTV.

NOTE:  The Flip UltraHD III (with FlipPORT) uses an HDMI Type-D connector.  If you want to purchase an HDMI cable compatible with the Flip UltraHD III (with FlipPORT), click here.


Step 3:
Power ON both your TV and video camera.

Step 4:
Switch the mode on your TV to select the appropriate video input (see your TV manual for instructions on changing or selecting video inputs).

NOTE:  You won't be able to record when the TV connection is activated because the video camera display screen will go OFF.  To delete any videos, play back the videos on your TV and delete them using the video camera buttons.

Additional Information 

NOTE:  If your TV does not support the NTSC format, you can burn your videos to a DVD and set them to PAL format.  For steps on preparing your Flip videos for burning, click here.  You can also consult the documentation of your third party DVD authoring program to learn more about setting your videos to PAL or NTSC format.