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Title: How do I replace the batteries of my Flip Ultra video camera?

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Although it is highly recommended to use the Flip Video Ultra Battery Pack to power your Flip Ultra video camera, you can also use two AA batteries for Flip Ultra, UltraHD 1hr and 2hrs, and UltraHD II 1hr video cameras, and three AAA batteries for Flip UltraHD III (with FlipPORT) as a backup power source.

The following table lists the batteries that are shipped with each Flip Ultra package:

Model Shipped with
Flip Ultra 2 AA Alkaline batteries
Flip UltraHD 2 AA Alkaline batteries
Flip UltraHD III (with FlipPORT) Flip Video Ultra Battery Pack (AAA type)

 To replace the batteries, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Slide the battery cover lock to unlock the back panel.  The battery cover lock can be found at the bottom of the video camera.


NOTE:  For Flip UltraHD III (with FlipPORT), slide the battery cover lock down to unlock , or slide it back up to lock .

Step 2:
Once unlocked, remove the battery cover by sliding it down.

Step 3:
Remove the batteries.  The battery compartment is designed to fit the batteries snugly to make sure they stay in place while you are using the video camera.

NOTE:  If you are having difficulty in dislodging the batteries from the compartment, try holding the video camera at the top end and then tap the battery compartment against your palm to remove the batteries.

Step 4:
Insert fresh batteries in the battery compartment.  Make sure that the metal contacts of the battery and video camera are connected.

NOTE:  Standard AAA batteries can only provide the Flip UltraHD III video cameras with up to 8-10 minutes of power, while AAA Lithium-ion type batteries can provide up to 50 minutes of power.

The power provided by standard batteries will also depend on the capabilities and specifications of the brand you have selected.  To know more about Flip video camera batteries, click here. 

To learn how to replace your video camera's rechargeable battery pack, click here.

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