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I only know my screen-name. How do I find my email address to login?
Why can I no longer use my screen-name/username?
Why is my account locked when trying to log in to Cisco NetAcad?
Why am I seeing log in pages in English instead of Arabic?
Why am I receiving a “Token Expired” message when activating my account?
How do I change the date of birth of my profile?
How do I change the email address in my profile?
What do I do when I receive an authentication failed error?
Why was I prompted to log in before accessing my course when I am already logged in?
I’m unable to log in, what can I try?
My Instructor gave me a seat token to enroll in a course. How do I use it?
What is a seat token and where can I get one?
The seat token my instructor gave me isn't working. What do I do?
What do I do if I am not receiving emails from NetAcad?
I tried using the Forgot Password process, but I am not getting an email.
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